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North Carolina Balloon Rides

We offer hot air balloon rides at sunrise and sunset. Float gently at tree-top level before ascending to greater heights for a beautiful panoramic view of central North Carolina. more

For reservations or questions call 704-880-0238.

04/01/2021 - COVID 19 UPDATE.  We hope to be accepting reservations beginning August 1, 2021 for flights that will begin September 15, 2021.

Marsha Treacy, Chief Pilot

Hot Air Balloon Festivals

If you're considering a hot air balloon festival is right for your community we would love to assist you. Balloon festivals are a perfect way to bring communities together and raise awareness. more

Hot Air Balloon Advertising

AeroSports has been designing and operating hot air balloon advertising programs for local, regional and nation companies for over 30 years, for more information.

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