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Balloons are Media Magnets

New England FOX News 12 flies in the Super Bowl balloon with our pilot Kevin Flanagan over Glendale, AZ during Super Bowl festivities.









AeroSports, Inc. operated balloons for the NFL during Super Bowl week in Phoneix in 2008. As the balloons flew over one of the biggests major markets and over drive time traffic news helicopters put them on the air.


Ballooning Attracts People of All Ages

Hot air balloons attract people of all ages and what better way to experience the excitement and beauty of hot air balloons than at a balloon festival. People watch the magnificiant balloons prepare for launch and take flight at this festival in North Carolina.

Companies that put their names on the side of a hot air balloon receive a higher return on investment than with any other media.



Hot Air Balloon Glows-A Media Favorite

Hot Air Balloon Glows are a favorite at ballooning festivals across the country. View this fun, fast-paced balloon glow entertainment.


Special Shaped Balloons

A short video of two of the newest and most adorable special shaped hot air balloons.


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