Using Hot Air Balloons To Enhance Your Image

We return to Super Bowl XLV at Cowboy Stadium in 2011 for our second project with the NFL.

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The NFL-Super Bowl Hot Air Balloon project was developed and co-ordinated by THC Associates.

Reprint permission from THC Associates.

Ford Hot Air Balloon at Roush Fenway Racing Fan Day 2010

Corporate hot air balloons are one of the most effective promotional tools any company can use in enhancing its overall image.

Our events and promotions put clients ‘larger-than-life’ logos over millions of spectators, in front of the media and more importantly in family photo albums.

The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rating for hot air balloons compares very favorably to conventional media.

The FORD hot air balloon at Roush Fenway Racing's Fan Appreciation Day October 2010.


Imagine how many people would see your balloon each time it flies over a major city. Maybe 100,000 people would see it in a single flight over a major market. Add to this the extra number of people who would see it at a large outdoor event and all of the media coverage the balloon will generate in just one year. Ask yourself - how many people took photographs of your last billboard campaign and put it on their wall or in their newspaper?

Now consider adding to this, but at no extra cost, the additional value of flying corporate guests, entertaining the media and potentially helping to raise large sums of money for charity.

A typical national program may consist of major US balloon festivals, outdoor events like large music festivals, sporting events that include NASCAR races, NFL Footbal, Major Leagues Baseball, open golf championships, etc.

Internationally, there is a wealth of major events throughout the world that a balloon may attend. For example the Tour de France alone offers the chance to show off your balloon to many millions of European TV viewers every day for three weeks. The Skiing World Cup is another fine example of a balloon tethering opportunity.

The NFL-Super Bowl Hot Air Balloon project was developed and co-ordinated by THC Associates.

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